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Expanding the moment

Expanding the moment by CHristina stavrou.

“What is time? How does it relate to the human experience?”

‘Expanding The Moment’: stems from the idea to explore the qualities of an analogue animation through the medium of paintings and sculptures that mirror each other. Together a collection of 32 works (16 paintings and 16 sculptures) that follow a changing form evoking an experience reminiscent of each moment that passes over the other. The intention is that the viewer experiences this analogue form of animation through the physical experience of passing through the space filling the gaps between each work within their mind.  

Christina stavrou

Christina Stavrou studeerde in 2022 af aan de master fine art and design aan de kunstacademie Minerva. Wonend in Leeuwarden houdt ze haar eerste solo expositie in kunstruimte H47, waar een combinatie van schilderijen en beelden te zien zijn.

Instagram: @chrissy_stavrou

Website: christinastavrou.hotglue.me

Fotograaf: Natalia Balanina

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