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Expositie van 24 september – 03 oktober

kunstenaar: Michal Kruger

It is safest to shoot the animal in the chest. It is a bigger target and you are less likely to miss. The bullet will find its way through either the lungs or the heart and the animal will stumble, maybe run a small distance, and finally collapse. Alternatively, the head is a small target, easy to miss and shoot off the nose or horn or ear or mouth, but the animal will fall immediately to the ground as if a marionette cut from its strings.

My art is the journey into the intersection of nostalgia and shame. I seek to create an environment where my memories are intercepted by the contradictions of my background. Growing up as a white Afrikaner South African, I find myself in an ever-editing condition. How did my memories of farms and Safari’s and landscapes and gates and electric fences come to be?

I am the unreliable narrator of my story, but one which tries to paint a larger brush that connects the geography of the Netherlands with South Africa. South Africa is a land of friendly vicious dogs and ornate sharp fences. A place where reddinging pale faces stare at the golden hours of rolling empty hills. I find myself a constant tourist, both home and away, scrounging together icons and stereotypes as I go. Everything has become oranje, blanje, blou!

More info about Michal you can find on his website

Photos: Natalia Balanina

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